Sradha Panigrahi

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Sradha Panigrahi is an odia actress since along time ,she has been with both odia serial and film industry .

in an interview, the interviewer asked Sradha Panigrahi that why she is not being constant in big industry, the answer was very interesting Shradha Panigrahi said artist always want a screen it may be a big screen or small screen it doesn’t matter.

Sradha Panigrahi first film was Mitha Mitha (2017) which gives her a platform to enter this ollywood industry .but after the movie Shradha Panigrahi has not got so much popularity, that’s why she chose serial and that’s a great decision afterward, she never fails in this serial industry.

Sradha Panigrahi Address

Shradha Panigrahi native place is berhampur but she is live from childhood in nabarangpur .but now she lived in bhubaneswar.

Sradha Panigrahi Qualification-

School-Upper Indravati Project High School, Khatiguda, India
High School-SBR women’s govt junior college Berhampur (+2, Science)
Graduation/University-Madurai Kamaraj University.

Sradha Panigrahi body Measurement-

Height5ft 6 inch+
Body measurement35-31-35
Body typeslim
aamro odia jhia Sradha Panigrahi

Sradha Panigrahi Photos

she belive in luck aswalas hardwork ,but according to her if you do hard work then luck will help you to get thoose things very easily .

she never came to bhubaneswar before the audtion of movie mitha mitha .

Social Media links-

Sradha Panigrahi Facebook-click here

Sradha Panigrahi instagram-click here

Sradha Panigrahi Husband name

Sradha panigrahi Movie songs download

she did one movie and the name of the movie is mitha mitha .if you want to download and listen this songs please click here

Sradha Panigrahi panigrahi husband is rajesh .who is also an actor .from the film set to marriage the journey was interesting .they both are from the same industry. Shradha said that girls always need caring which was what I got from rajesh .

she never adjust her mindset with other mindset .which is very difficult to do accordingto Shradha Panigrahi.

girls are secured in film industry but it depends upon actress how she manages the sitiution with a good manner .

Sradha Panigrahi bad experience in her life was when her husband got accident during fani cyclon .

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