Essay on Odisha in Odia language

in this post i am going to share essay (in odia rachana) ,there are lot of essay in this post available .which will help you to get marks in your odia exam.I will list out all essay in a format .there are 10-12 essay is there which are common.if you guys like this post i will share more essay photos .which will help you.

you have to just scroll down than you will get all the essay that i mentioned below in letter ,and the main thing is it is in paper so you can download it .that’s all in odia language which will help you to get some good mark in your exam

1-kagajar aatma kahani odia

2-khabar kagajar aatma kahani odia
3-uda jahajar aatma kahani odia
4-paisa ro aatmo kahani
5-aambo gachara aatamo kahani odia
6-aambo gachara aatamo kahani odia
7-krushakar aatmo kahani odia
8-baladar aatmo kahani
9-sagada ro atmo kahani
10-dino majuriaro aatmo kahani
11-dhobaro aatmo kahnai
12-rikshaw bala ro aatmo kahnai odia
13-tumo dainadino jibanoro aatmo akahni
14-chatrobaso jiboni
15-khabar kagajar aatma kahani odia

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