Cuttack Odisha Dahibara Aludam Pictures

There are so many reasons behind Dahibara Aludam famous in Odisha and also in India .first is very unique from any other snack .in Dahibara Aludam there is no sugar and not oil(it’s very limited ) that is one reason it is very famous .because of this there are no side effects if you eating it daily it will not side-effecting in your body.

In Odisha, there are a lot of people who are used to Dahibara Aludam because they are eating every day at breakfast or, evening snack but you can eat every time.

the preparing process is also very unique, the urad lentils are soaked in water overnight and the next morning we have to grind it and deep-fried in hot oil .after that we have put this into curd .after one hour soaked in curd now we can eat it, now we are mixing Aludam on it and some onion and some jhuri bhaja (odia) . Now we can enjoy it

Pictures of Dahibara Aludam

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