Archita Sahu Odia Actress ,Skin Secret , Photos ,Weight -Height

Archita Sahu Odia Actress ,Skin Secret , Photos ,Weight -Height

Hi, how are you, today we are going to discuss Archita Sahu Odisha a

ctress .if you see nowadays (2020), if you look at the Odia film industry for actress then you will recognize archita is topmost of them.

Archita Sahu Height, Weight, Date Of Birth

Archita Sahu Height-1.78 m
Archita Sahu Weight -55-60
Archita Sahu Date Of Birth-29 June 1990

Archita Sahu Photo Gallery

There are so many actresses but archita Sahu has a lot of style sense, or you can she has been introduced to Odia film industry what is fashion.

  Fashion Secret Of Archita sahu odia Actress

She is very simple, her dressing sense in one line is whatever you wear that should be matched with the situation  .means if you wear a marriage costume in a family party that will be awkward.

Archita Sahu Interesting Facts

Archita is not a technology freak but in school days she got a Nokia mobile from her mom .she is not expertise in driving somehow she can manage Scotty and car.archita practiced car driving by her car driver.

She never did haircut in Odisha when She traveling for different cities that time she manages these things because from her point of view in Odisha’s good hair designer is not available.

about her costume design, she said that there are a lot of good designers available in Odisha so she did work from those designers.

She is worked with every hero in the Odia industry according to archita every actor is a good character apart punctual.

If she didn’t come to the film industry she will be an engineer because she did  BTech and after film career, she will be a businesswoman because archita told that she feels good to do an experiment in business.

In the future she wants to visit Kashmir and she doesn’t want to be a politician.

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